America’s Fit Miss – 2017 Judges Panel

Malcolm “Mic” McConnell is a trial lawyer living and working in Richmond, Virginia. He is 54 years old and has been an evolving fitness enthusiast all of his adult life. Although not athletic as a child, he began working out after graduating from high school and has never quit. He has been a long distance open water swimmer, having swum across the Chesapeake Bay and the mouth of the Potomac River multiple times. He has also competed in all natural bodybuilding contests and triathlons. Currently, his main goals are to remain active, fit and lean, which he pursues through regular weight training and cardio sessions. Malcolm 'Mic' McConnell
Holly Gritti is a Professor at Liceo Lingustico William Shakespeare and Fides Ratio, and an instructor for City Camp Italy. Mrs. Gritti is also the CEO of a jewelry company, Royal Gems Boutique that specializes in handcrafted and designed jewelry. She has one daughter Giada, and is married to semi pro basketball player Davide Gritti. Together they live in Credera Italy where they work together in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for themselves and others. Holly is a former 3 year professional cheerleader for both football and basketball in the United States. She is a certified dance and cheer instructor as well as all-star cheerleading. She has been a coach for over 10 years and believes that through hard work and dedication all things are possible. Holly is an international runway and print model and has won various pageants, swimsuit/fitness competitions and is the current Mrs. Italy Galaxy title holder. She enjoys doing community service and volunteers for the Salute Donna Onlus, IRCCS Institutio Nazionali dei Tumori, Stra-woman, and New Humanity to name a few. Her future goals include continuing her studies for a doctoral degree in Education and to work with the United Nations in matters of immigration and equality. Holly Gritti
Caroline Domo is an 18 year old senior at Thomas Dale High school, after graduation she plans on pursuing a Masters degree in nursing. She has studied dance since age two, and baton since age 6. She has competed in numerous pageants and loves visiting her local gym. She is a huge advocate for animal rights and standing up against bullying. Caroline Domo
Arielle Riposta has successfully participated in pageants for 20 years. She is the current World Elite Grand Champion 2016. Arielle has also held the national title of Ms. All-Star United States; and other titles such as Ms. South Carolina Galaxy, Ms. American Queen and multiple titles in N.J. While competing in the Miss America system, she was awarded the Miss America Community Service Award and her State Community Service Award for her work as an educator for the Lyme Disease Association. Arielle was also named first runner-up to Miss New Jersey 2002. Arielle has also competed in the Miss USA System; placing as 2nd runner-up to Miss New Jersey USA.Arielle has more than two decades of experience as a spokesperson, model, actor, radio personality and television news broadcaster. She moved to Columbia to work as the news anchor at the Fox affiliate 13 years ago from New Jersey. While working there as a News Anchor and Reporter, she covered a variety of high-profile stories including the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City.

She is a trained professional dancer training in both New Jersey and New York City; some of her fondest memories are of her time performing in USO shows as a member of the Star Spangled Girls, of which Arielle served as Dance Captain.

She currently works in the Victims Services Unit at the Richland Co. Sheriff’s Department and as a pageant & talent coach.

Caroline Domo
Janice Celeste is the reigning American Beauties National Elite. She won her title in Atlanta, Georgia. Janice is a proud wife, mother and grandmother and resides in Florida. She enjoys competing in pageants and is a successful entrepreneur, as well. Janice also writes for the Huffington Post, holds an MBA and travels as a motivational speaker when she’s not too busy working as an Editor in Chief for Black Parenting, a magazine she founded. Caroline Domo

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